Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Mickey Mouse

I recently got to take a tour of the Disney Magic cruise ship when it docked in Saint John's port for the first time. Here's a snap of me and the mouse on deck. And yes, we're holding hands. BEST FRIENDS.

When I was 5 years old, I had this little red plastic Mickey Mouse baseball bat. I was a tomboy, I guess, and played with it a lot. One evening, while my mom was cooking supper, I decided I wanted to play ball, but I couldn't find my bat. When I asked mom about it, she told me to go into the garage to ask my dad. So out I go. I swing open the door, and there is my red plastic Mickey Mouse baseball bat lodged in the rib cage of a dead deer, hanging from the rafters while my dad cut out it's guts.

Whatever. I'm still a fan of the famous mouse and I still like baseball. I did turn to vegetarianism later on in my life, but I can't blame it all on that episode.

As far as assignments go, it couldn't get much better. A two-hour tour of these beautiful rooms, a three-course lunch of arugula salad with goat cheese, butternut squash risotto and mango cheesecake, plus, I got to meet Mickey Mouse.

Here are some pics of the Disney Magic cruise ship that I got to take a tour of:


UPDATE** I've been forced to take down the pictures of the ship. has a paywall and my employers do not want me giving away content for free. Hopefully we can work something out. Stay tuned to watch the drama unfold. Sigh.